Friday, 8 March 2013

Bollywood Actresses Getting Drunk In Parties (Pictures)

It is quite often that actresses and actors from the Indian film industry "Bollywood" are heard quoting things like they dont drink alcohol or even endorse such products as such actions can cause a bad influence on their fans and the general public but there are certain times when they feel like partying and party really hard, alcohol included.
Here are some pictures of such indian movie industry "Bollywood" actresses who otherwise have their fans convinced that they are angels but than someday everyone has to be bad. The pictures show the newest young indian actress such as Soonam Kapoor, Shriya Saran and old timers such as Preeti Zinta having fun with drinks and dancing at various and different parties. Some pictures even show them doing crazy stuff after they are high which clearly shows that famous or not alcohol has the same influence on everyone.

Well I think that since these actresses drink themselves they should not tell their fans otherwise but instead they should spread the message of drinking responsibly because only this message will surely help the masses.

Shriya Saran Caught Drunk Caught Drunk In Some Party & Doing Crazy Stuff

Recently Soonam Kapoor Caught Drunk 

Actress Manisha Koirala Drunk at Midnight Party

Preity Zinta Drunk With Friends

Amisha Patel Caught Drinking

South Indian Actress Sheila