Sunday, 13 January 2013

20 Pictures That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind

Optical delusions are when your eye sees one thing in an image because it's become accustomed to that kind of image in that context. In the cases of the following images, if you see the "dirty images" then you, unfortunately, have a dirty mind. If you see what's really there, then you're a healthy, good-hearted, well-meaning, functioning member of society. 

So here's a list of things that look dirty, but aren't. All of these pictures (and one video) seem dirty at first, but when you look closer it turns out that not only would those be horrible pictures in these contexts sometimes, but that you've brought any dirtiness into the pictures yourself. 

Get ready to be disgusted with yourself on this list of optical delusions: dirty picture edition.

1- A Catholic Priest on Casual Friday 

2- They Probably Should Have Waited for Her to Take This One 

3- Underdressed Woman is Underdressed 

4- A Really Intimate Massage Place 

5- Because Why Would They Let *Her* Sit Like That?          

7- Maybe She Should Wear Longer Shorts 

8- Shane Nunlist Does the Thinking For Us

9- Minnie Mouse Has a Weird Body 

10- If You Take Away The Face, That Thing is in Horrifying Shape 

11- Something This Huge Would Just Be a Problem 

12- Book Cleavage 

13- That Would Be Terrifying Hair Placement For That Thing

14- A Print Ad for a Butt Foot Scrub 

15- People Should Seriously Stop Walking in Front of Pictures 

16- The One You've Inevitably Seen Already