Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Top 20 Bollywood Beauty Queens

A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.
"Anne Roiphe"

The list of Top 20 Bollywood Beautiful Queens. with so many beautiful Ladies. These Ladies are selected from Bollywood not only for their respect but also in terms of their Beautiful looks.
The task of selecting the “Most Beautiful Bollywood Queens” out of all other Beuaties is a hard job. However Many polls have been created to appoint one woman as the “Queen Of Beauty”. Out of the many beautiful Bollywood Actress, Well, one name has been consistently dubbed as the “Most Beautiful Actress”. That is Katrina Kaif. She’s just so real and perfect in every sense, so for me she really is the most beautiful actress of bollywood. Many of you’ll might disagree with me, but Katrina Kaif deserves to be on top of the list “Top 20 Bollywood Beautiful Queens”. What makes her claiming such a prestigious position is her Acting ability, Beauty, Dance skills, Popularity, Versatility, Likeness and Icon status. She stole the heart of millions of fans with her beautiful smile and dance along with acting skill.

1- Katrina Kaif

2-Priyanka Chopra
3-Anushka Sharma

4- Deepika Padukone     
5-Rani Mukherjee 

6-Preity Zinta 

7-Kareena Kapoor 

8-Vidya Balan 

9-Genelia D Souza 

10-Jacqueline Fernandez 
11-Sonakshi Sinha  
12-Amrita Rao   
13-Alia Bhatt   
14-Sonam Kapoor   
15-Bipasha Basu   
16-Parineeti Chopra

17- Zarine Khan
18- Sana Khan

19 - Esha Gupta

20- Mallika Sherawat